AR 9mm Pistol Upper Receivers

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Veriforce Tactical has the best selection for AR 9mm pistol upper receivers for sale! We use some of the best Barrels in the industry along with a completely nitrided BCG.  We try to specialize in AR 9 mm complete pistol uppers with a 5 1/2 barrels.  When combined with our 8 oz. 9mm buffer this 9mm PCC upper will shoot smooth as butter.  Our PCC (pistol caliber Carbine)  uppers come in variety of colors as well. Such as flat dark earth, OD green, and red.  We also use billet 9 mm upper receivers, made right here in Arizona. Mounts up with any AR 9mm lower receiver. These PCC uppers do not have the bolt catch built into it. We find that they don’t work very well in general so we didn’t bother putting them in. These uppers work great with both lowers that have the bolt catch built into it and without. But if you put this on one on a lower without a bolt catch built in, it will not stay open on the final round.  Veriforce Tactical has some of the fastest shipping available online for uppers with the shipping times usually in one business day!


Showing all 4 results

  • AR 9mm Buffer Stainless Steel 8oz

    $ 34.95 $ 29.95
  • AR15 9MM Complete Upper Receiver Elite Series in Multiple Color Options

    $ 499.95$ 519.95
  • AR15 9MM Complete Upper Receiver With 6.75″ Handguard and Short Cone

    $ 479.95
  • AR15 9MM Complete Upper Receiver With 7″ Free Float Handguard And Flash Cone

    $ 479.95$ 499.95