Dual Combo Upper Receiver Vise Block for 5.56 .223 .308 LR308

Dual Use Upper Receiver Vise Block for 5.56 .223 .308 LR308

  • Made of aluminum
  • Works with Standard forged or billet uppers
  • 5.56, .223, .308, 7.62×51, 6.5 creedmoor ect..
  • Spring loaded ball bering pins to hold it on the upper (no more cotter pins!)
  • Leveling slot on bottom to tighten on vise
  • Does not work with Armalite 308 uppers receivers
  • tight fit
  • great for lining up your top rail with your handguard

Do you like to build AR15 uppers?  Do you also like to build LR308/ AR308 uppers?  Well, this is the vise for you.  Not only do you not need to buy 2 vise blocks, this one is better than the 2 you were going to buy anyway.  This one is tapered so its sits level in you vise, also we have ball barring pins that slide in/out without falling out.

Pro tip: turn the vise around when you want to build a 308 after an AR15.  That way the barrel is always pointing to the direction you like to build at whether you a lefty or righty.

Weight 16 oz